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Transfagarasan Cultural Tour

Discover the Transfagarasan Cultural Tour – a highway in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains

The Transfagarasan Cultural Tour is the perfect way to discover the Transfagarasan Road. You’ve probably heard about it. Back in 2009, it was described as ”the most beautiful road in the world” by Top Gear. It became famous really quickly, and started attracting more tourists since. But even if you’ve never heard of it, we’ll tell you everyhthing you need to know. It was built between 1970 and 1974 as a defense strategy. It was used a secret passageway through the Fagaras Mountains. Tones of dynamite was used and 40 people have died bulding it. Nowadays, it’s a huge attraction for people worldwide. Our Transfagarasan Cultural Tour offers you the opportunity to visit all it’s key attractions.

Transfagarasan Cultural TourBring your friends and family to Transfagarasan

The Transfagarasan Cultural Tour is a private tour concept only. This means that you’ll have all our attention and focus. We are a team of local guides who love the outdoors and the history. This tour is also suitable for families and children. It doesn’t involve difficult hikes or long walks. What you will see, however, are marvellous landscapes and scenic routes. Some people have described it as ”the road to Heaven”. Maybe it’s true. The imposing Balea Cabin, sitting on the shore of Balea Lake, is waiting for you to taste the traditional meals. Once we get there, we can take a lovely walk around the lake. There are plenty of food and drinks stalls around. You can buy a souvenir also. And you’ll get plenty of time to take the most amazing pictures ever. Heaven is, indeed, just a few steps away.

Don’t miss the Transfagarasan Cultural Tour. Book your place today!

If you are travelling as a group, we have special group discounts available. This means that the price per person will drop depending on the number of people joining. It’s probably a good idea to convince your friends to come. If you are a lone traveller, worry not. You can still book your place today. Visit all that this highway has to offer. The Transfagarasan Cultural Tour is for absolutely everyone.

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